Your Extra Hand
at the Pump!

With the Gas Hand™ Grip Assist you can pump gas while keeping your hands free. Fill your tank without having to stand out in the cold, rain or snow.


"I was so excited to try out The Gas Hand™ that I've already filled my tank and wanted to let you know that it was awesome!!!!"

The Gas Hand™ Takes the Pain Out of the Pump!

Just slip the Gas Hand™ between the bottom of the pump handle and the already squeezed trigger......and relax. It's just that easy!

Use the Gas Hand™ Grip Assist to hold the gas nozzle open automatically. Today's gas nozzles are equipped with automatic shut-off mechanisms that are not affected by the Gas Hand™ Grip Assist. The nozzle will automatically shut off when your tank is full.

The Gas Hand™ is made from static-resistant recycled plastic in multiple vibrant colors. It easily slips into position to hold the nozzle open while you wash your windows, clear out the trash, tend to your children, or just keep your hands warm and free. The Gas Hand™ saves you time and money. Its unversal design fits all gas pumps. Say goodbye to hold-and-wait pumping and hello to hands-free pumping!

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